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The Leadership of Jim Thompson, Dallas Financial Guru, is Obvious

June 18, 2019

Jim Thompson Dallas

As Jim Thompson sees things, Dallas is an important component of his career as a financial services professional. In fact the Metroplex is so important, when he decided to leave ORIX USA after 22 years and establish Preston Hollow Capital, he did so not just in the same city, but in the same Downtown Dallas building. Dallas is home to Jim Thompson, which is why he has always been dedicated to improving the business climate in that community. With his stewardship of Preston Hollow Capital, Jim Thompson has managed to pursue a two-prong business strategy, in which he invests in fixed income credit and also participates in the acquisition of operating companies in such diverse industries as investment banking, asset management, mortgage origination and life sciences sectors.

Over the course of his long career, Jim Thompson has made Dallas home. In fact, he is so dedicated to Dallas that, for 22 years he was the CEO of a diversified financial services firm called ORIX USA and led them to enormous growth, to the point that the firm had 1,400 employees, assets of more than $5 billion and they managed another $28 billion in third party assets. Prior to ORIX USA, Jim Thompson also held senior management positions with Financial Corporation of Santa Barbara and Mission Hills Mortgage. In both positions, he was responsible for various loan origination, securitization and other capital markets and investment related functions.

Under Jim Thompson’s deft leadership, Preston Hollow Capital has built up a team of experienced executive management, structuring, trading, credit and business operations professionals who have shown themselves capable of working seamlessly to deliver the best quality experience for everyone. They do their best to ensure that borrowers and their agents have an experience that emphasizes flexibility, speed, and certainty, because those are the factors that make for the best borrowing experience.